Saturday, July 9, 2011


Are you tired of trying to lose weight and failing?  Let me tell you that it is not you.  There are many "diets" out there that are not designed for lifetime success.  You have not failed, these methods have failed you!

The weight loss solutions I offer do not include weighing food, counting calories, diet "gimmicks" or depriving yourself of foods that you enjoy.  You can have permanent success, all you need to do is be ready to make a commitment to yourself.

Tell me more.......yes, I would love to!  I offer four options: 

One - Private Hypnotherapy sessions.  If you use food to make you feel better and have been over-weight most of your life I recommend private sessions.  Through the process of hypnotherapy we get to the root of the problem and neutralize it.  You begin to lose weight right away and the results are permanent.

Two - "Trim for Life" group weight loss.  Do you do better with a support system?  I have designed a 12 week program that meets weekly.  It consists of three phases; Eat to Be Trim, Emotional Wellness and Move to Be Trim.  We meet weekly for group hypnosis, you receive information on the topic for the week, we track & discusses progress, obstacles, solutions and provide support to one another.  I set groups up by request for 5 to 10 participants. 

Three - "Advanced Trim for Life" group weight loss/maintenance.  If you have the basic's down, and would enjoy the benefits of group hypnosis, group support and advanced methods that get you to your goal and keep you there, this is for you!  We meet bi-monthly and this group has the opportunity to experience that latest techniques and programs as part of the ongoing experience of health and wellness.

Four - Virtual Gastric Band.  This clinically proven weight loss system is 99% successful. I have been trained by the original developer of this system. This is a no "diet" solution that has a few guidelines and works like the Gastric Band surgery without the dangerous side effects and for a fraction of the cost of the actual surgery. The sub conscious mind, the part of us that keeps us behaving in a certain way, believes it has had the surgery and acts accordingly, weight loss occurs and you feel full with smaller amounts of food, never feeling deprived. For more information call me so I can give you the details of the new, clinically proven weight loss solution. This system was featured on the Dr. Oz show this year! I will soon be featuring an entire segment on my website for this weight loss solution, stay tuned and give me a call to be one of the first to receive this system.  

When you are ready to invest in you and drop that weight once and for all, call me for a personalized recommendation to get you on the path of Weight Loss Success! 

Sylvia Vega, 520.280.2270 or e-mail me at


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